What can be treated?

In homeopathy, you are treating the patient rather than the disease or symptom. An audit of my practice shows that people with chronic fatigue, headaches, female disorders, infertility, depression, anxiety, irritability, allergies, digestive problems, respiratory problems, eczema, asthma, IBS, sinusitis, recurrent infections and ADHD sought treatment from me and have responded well to their remedy.

What does it involve?

The first consultation may take up to two hours. Please come with details of your condition and any relevant information such as family history, childhood illnesses and current medication. You may find some of the questions I will ask unusual compared to a consultation with your doctor, but I will be trying to get as much information about you as possible in order that I may find your most 'similar' remedy.

I will then give you a remedy, which may be in tablet or liquid form and I will give you instructions as to how to take it. We will need to allow time for the remedy to work before a follow up to ascertain the response to it. The follow up may be very short or may involve more detailed questions again.

My intention is that we work together to find a remedy which will best suit you at that time. If you are under a doctor, this contact should continue.

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